Maternity wear made right

We want to make pregnant women look and feel their best. While becoming a mother is a huge life-changing event, it shouldn’t mean you have to dress a certain way. Our bodies go through a lot of changes during and after pregnancies, making it more important than ever for us to feel like ourselves.

Upgrading your nursing look

Meet our newest, The Ribbed Nursing Tank, an easy and elegant add on to your forth trimester look. Made with a buttery soft organic-cotton Jersey blend fabric and breastfeeding-friendly features that are otherwise subtle and elegant. Pair it with an over-shirt, under a cozy sweater or just rocking it solo on a hot day.

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The Denim is in the Detail

We know that the right wash, fit and feel is all about obsessive attention to detail. Working closely with expert manufacturers in Turkey, we’ve arrived at a heavyweight blend of cotton, rayon and elastane that offers the comfort and support required for mothers-to-be— but with the look and feel of premium denim.