Care Guide

How do I take care of my denim?
First things first, you only need to wash your jeans every 5-10 wears. Denim lasts longer and stays fresh with fewer washes. Plus you will save plenty of water and energy! 
When you do want to wash them, we recommend that you wash your garments inside out, in cold water with similar colors and a gentle cycle.
Avoid using bleach. This should help the denim preserve its color and expose the inside of the pants to detergent.
Remember to take the pants out of the washer as soon as they're done washing so there aren't creases on the pants.
You can tumble dry in low heat but we suggest you hang dry them flat or hanging down.
If you want to iron it out, make sure to use low heat. Any exposure to high heat will wear down the fabric and they won’t last very long.

If you have any other questions on caring for your Ilouity jeans, please contact us at