Sizing & Fit

How can i find my size?

We've tried to keep the sizing as simple as possible so you can easily find what fits best - both during and after pregnancy.  Under each product, you can find the relevant measurements and sizing charts to help you pick what's best. 

While we provide a "waist" measurement above, the waistline is changing throughout the pregnancy and our belly band is meant to take you through all months of the pregnancy and postpartum so you do not need to buy different pants for different stages of the waist/belly - unless you change sizes around the seat or legs. 

Length of the pants are often in standard measurements of 30, 32 and 34 inches and are noted in the product pages where different. This is the inseam measurement of the pant and is shown below.

Please note that the specific fit description can be found in the details section under each product. We are proud to have found materials that are very stretchy and comfortable so even if you feel you are no longer your pre-pregnancy size, we encourage to you buy that size when buying Ilouity jeans. 

If you have more specific sizing questions, just email us at

What sizes does Ilouity offer?

We want to make sure that all mamas have a size for them at Ilouity! We’ll start with a size range from 34 to 48 but we aim to offer a wider range than that too as we grow. We now also offer most of our styles in three lengths; 30'', 32'' and 34''.

On Leggings and Nursing Tops, our initial batch includes sizes XS - XXL but with plans to grow. Leggings have two inseam lengths available - Petite and Regular - although, they run longer, so we suggest you measure your inseam if you're not certain.

My size is out, what can I do?

If we're out of your size, just add yourself to the waitlist and you'll be the first to know when your size is back in stock!

Our denim fit

Ilouity pants are born out of many iterations working with denim experts and designers to perfect the best fit pants for women both pre- and post-partum.

Our pants have curved waistbands, low in the front to make space for the belly and slightly higher in the back for a more comfortable feeling when seated. The denim is stretchy yet mid-weight, not compromising on the quality denim feeling.

The jersey belly band is selected specially to support the back and belly through all four trimesters and reaches over-the-bump on most of our styles (incl. styles 01, 02, 03.) We have also built this against the denim waistband such that you have space between the band and the waistline to tuck in your shirt.

Ilouity pants are made to give you a look that doesn't have to be different than your pre-pregnancy one and a pair of pants you are not going to want to take off.