Ilouity is committed to sustainability in every aspect of our business. We continuously assess our production methods to minimize our environmental footprint, acknowledging that we're on a journey toward improvement.

Central to our ethos is circular design, where we consider the end life of every garment in our collections. By producing limited runs and small batches, we aim to reduce waste and energy consumption.

In our Denim Collection, we prioritize low-impact washes, conserving water and energy while ensuring the health and safety of our manufacturers. Additionally we use organic cotton and recycled polyester threads to promote longevity and recyclability.

Our commitment extends to our factory partners, carefully selected for their alignment with our values. Our Denim garments, crafted in Turkey, and Jersey garments, crafted in Portugal, adhere to the highest ethical standards, boasting certifications such as GOTS, SWAN and have been approved for EU Eco and FWF, ensuring durability and sustainability throughout the supply chain. As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain dedicated to making incremental changes that foster a meaningful positive impact.

All our partnering factories are dedicated to environmental best practices, emphasizing:

  • Reducing waste at the source.
  • Collaborating on remedial projects with suppliers to minimize wastewater during product formation.
  • Raising awareness within our team and service providers, surpassing legal and customer requirements.
  • Lowering greenhouse gas emissions from all activities.
  • Utilizing renewable energy sources.
  • Preferring environmentally friendly products.
  • Continuously improving environmental performance.
  • Monitoring the life cycle of our products.

Their commitment extends beyond environmental concerns to strong social and occupational standards, including:

  • Respecting Universal Human Rights.
  • Prioritizing the occupational health and safety of our employees beyond legal requirements.
  • Ensuring a discrimination-free recruitment and placement process.
  • Implementing positive discrimination measures to increase women's participation in business life.

At Ilouity, we believe in creating a sustainable and socially responsible denim business, ensuring all practices across our supply chain align with the highest ethical and environmental standards.