Fanny wearing her Ilouity 01 Straight Raw

ILOUITY MOM CRUSH - Fanny Herngren Rosén


Next up on our favorite mama’s is no other than our co-founder Fanny who is expecting her second in June!

Style advice? Don't buy too much - all you really need is some pregnancy jeans, a pair of soft tights, compression socks, and nursery bra's for later on. Instead of investing in any other pregnancy clothing, I’ve instead treated myself to something nice that I can wear after pregnancy! I love to alternate my accessories (check out @mehrotra for the most gorgeous silk scarves) and different overshirts that I can leave open in the front, with a tight t-shirt or turtleneck underneath…

My most used post partum things: A good coffee thermos for the long tired stroller walks, lots of good snacks in the nursery bag, a nice thin scarf that both me and my baby can use, eye patches for sleepless nights (check out @verso) and the elvie pelvic floor trainer… oh! And most important: have a non-judgemental friend you can call for help and venting!

Fanny wearing her Ilouity's 01 Straight in Raw Indigo 

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