Meet Sascha, Stockholm based soon to be mama, Photo Producer at Toteme and just natural beauty end to end. We asked her some questions!

Sasha is wearing our dressed up leggings.

Baby number...?


Cravings during your pregnancy?

I didn't really have any specific cravings during my pregnancy! In the first trimester, I was quite nauseous, so I couldn't eat too much. But as time went on, I made sure to keep my meals varied and nutritious since I love to cook.

Favourite pregnancy routine?
My favourite pregnancy routine was definitely keeping up with my regular workouts! Whether it was weight lifting, cycling, or doing a Megaformer class, I always made sure to listen to my body and not push myself too hard. I also loved taking a shower before bed to wash away the day and moisturize my belly with oil. And, of course, saying goodnight to the little one with my partner was a sweet little ritual we had.

Any good tips you've gotten?

I got some amazing advice during my pregnancy, but the best tip was to slow down and take some time for myself before the baby arrived. In the Netherlands, it's mandatory to take four weeks off before your due date, and it was honestly the best decision. I spent my time reading books, cooking up nutritious meals for my freezer, going for walks, and setting up the baby's nook. It was the perfect way to wind down and prepare myself mentally and physically for motherhood.

Whats in your hospital bag?
My hospital bag is packed with all sorts of goodies! I've got my own tea, my favourite water bottle, some warm socks, and an essential oil to help me relax. And of course, I've got some yummy snacks like dried mango, overnight oats, and energy balls made with dates and peanut butter.


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