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Next up on our favorite mama’s is no other than our co-founder Asli who is expecting her third in March!
Live in: Stockholm, Sweden
Baby #: 3, first two were born 2018 and 2020 
Tell us about your favourite pregnancy products... 
Love a simple Bio Oil or Weleda's Stretch Mark oil for the growing belly. Källa's probiotics has helped me regain some balance after the supplements I've had to use (iron, mainly...) Otherwise I'm not a big fan of gadgets and have learned after three pregnancies that you can get away without most things... Except maybe one: decent pants! For which, of course, I have all the models from Ilouity which has truly saved me this time around! Haven't bothered buying anything else in terms of pregnancy clothes as I can fit in most oversized sweaters, tops, shirts etc. 
Have you been exercising much while pregnant? 
Yes! Up until week 35 I loved going to my usual cycling classes, was the least painful exercise for my hips. I then discovered Prenatal Megaformer (The Place Stockholm is offering!) where I went for my last month to regain some strength. Also love a good pregnancy yoga (Altromondo with Jennie or Yogayama with Kripa are the best in Stockholm!) for some time to wind down and bring down my pace towards the end of all three pregnancies. Lastly, won't miss a sunny day walk - rare these days in Stockholm - and a good podcast, if I'm feeling up for it! 
Favourite pregnancy stops in Stockholm: 
Besides my exercise stops, I like to have an occasional massage as the belly starts to get heavier. John Carrier at John Carrier's Behandlingsteam and Kripa Patra's treatments are my favorite here in Stockholm!  
In terms of a good consultation about birth, post birth and general classes (profylax etc.) I have loved everything I've done with Åsa Holstein! Did my classes at Babygruppen but am mainly a fan of Åsa, who's an experienced midwife and mother of 3 among many other things. Check out her Positive Birth Story Podcast if you haven't discovered it yet! 
Any good reads before welcoming baby? 
The First Forty Days is one tip for fourth trimester self care - I really missed this in my first pregnancy, trying to get right back to "normalcy" and didn't really care for my recovering body or appreciate the calm snuggly period of a newborn. 
My absolute favorite book about birth was Ina May's Guide to Childbirth - which I read before my first! 
Otherwise had a few books like Your baby week to week and what to expect when you're expecting that I skimmed through when all was too new with our first born. 
And can lastly admit to being an aspiring Gina Ford mom, though I've found the strict routines more stressful than anything and often ended up with my own adaptations. 
What's in your hospital bag as you prepare for a third birth?
Starting to pack for it now, have so far put in:
- Some night gown/shirts for during/after birth - including some soft pants, a shirt and a tank top for easy breastfeeding access... nothing can be tight! 
- Toiletries, chargers and an ipad pre-loaded with some good distraction 
- A cozy robe, slippers & warm socks 
- Breastfeeding friendly bra's and tops!
- Comfortable clothes for post birth
- Baby: A few sets of clothes, muslin  (I love Jack & Juno's muslins) + cashmere blankets, overall + hat for baby